Readership and Audience



The volume of business information available to today’s logistics executives can be overwhelming. That’s why earning their trust as the market’s most reliable and useful source of information is critical to a magazine’s success.

Our editorial mission is a key differentiator for DC VELOCITY. As silos within the logistics industry disappear and organizations take a unified approach to managing transportation and material handling operations, DC VELOCITY’s comprehensive approach to covering the U.S. logistics market aligns with this shift in supply chain management. While other logistics magazines are often exclusively focused on transportation or material handling, our approach earns lasting reader loyalty by delivering all the information they need in a direct, superb resource for logistics business intelligence.

DC VELOCITY has emerged as the premier publication in several important readership surveys and studies thanks to the strength of its brand and its editorial and design teams. In surveys conducted among attendees at trade shows like ProMat/MODEX and annual conferences organized by groups such as the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and Warehousing Education and    Research Council (WERC), respondents rated DC VELOCITY the best.



DC VELOCITY’s audited circulation covers a combination of corporate-level executives, on-site directors, and vice presidents of logistics operations. Why all three? In a typical company, decision-makers at one level of an operation recommend and specify a project, with decision-makers at another level participating in the final “sign off.” This blended audience puts DC VELOCITY above the other logistics magazines in the scope of its market coverage and assures advertisers that messages reach the complete buying team.