DCV-TV Marketing Opportunities

1. User-contributed videos
Think of this as the “YouTube” of the logistics world. All of DC VELOCITY‘s readers and advertisers have an open invitation to upload their video clips to our network.

Example user-contributed video

2. DCV-TV Featured Video
One of our best-performing products, this sponsorship increases the viewership of videos you upload as a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective video-based lead-generation program. Your video will have a featured thumbnail link in our “Now Trending on DCV-TV” e-newsletter and be featured in the subject line of the newsletter itself. Sponsors who take advantage of our Featured Video offering generate an average of 125 leads!
Price: $1,995*

3. DCV-TV website sponsorships
This package includes rotating DCV-TV full-site sponsorships with leaderboard, rectangle and skyscraper banner ads.
Price: CPM buy – $110 / 1,000 impressions
**Click here for information on CPM buys.

4. e-Newsletter: Now Trending on DCV-TV
Each Tuesday and Friday morning, more than 45,000 DC VELOCITY e-newsletter subscribers receive a snapshot of the most compelling videos launched during the previous week on DCV-TV. Like all of our e-newsletters, “Now Trending on DCV-TV” helps promote your business and increase brand awareness.

View a sample This Week on DCV-TV e-newsletter

DC VELOCITY’s e-newsletters include a traditional IAB standard Medium Rectangle banner (300×250) position, prominently placed to build brand awareness by capturing readers’ attention with image-based messaging.

Price: $4,500

In addition, we now offer two “rectangle + sponsored content” opportunities that are the perfect way to promote white papers, research reports, case studies, company news, and any other content assets you’ve developed. Content marketing has emerged as a critical component of an overall marketing strategy, so we have created these positions as a way for you to promote thought leadership, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website.

Rectangle + Sponsored Content Specs:

  • Ad size: 300×250 pixels; 35k maximum; gif, jpg or png
  • Headline: 50 characters maximum, excluding spaces
  • Copy: 300 characters maximum, excluding spaces
  • Click-through URL

Price: $4,750 per*

*All pricing is NET.
Materials are due five business days before deployment.