Velocity Video Case Studies on DCV-TV

One of the most successful products of 2018, with an average of over 200 leads per promotion!

A Velocity Video Case Study is a turnkey, integrated print and online marketing tool that showcases your company’s products and services, and is specifically designed to generate highly qualified sales leads. DC VELOCITYs in-house team visits with your staff and customer to develop a case study or product and service profile. The profile will then be developed into:

  • A one-page print advertorial in DC VELOCITY magazine
  • An online advertorial hosted at
  • A companion three-minute video hosted on DCV-TV

You also receive:

  • Permanent hosting of the video at
  • Full duplication rights to both the case study and video
  • A lead-generating dedicated email sent to 50,000 DC VELOCITY subscribers announcing the launch of your Velocity Video Case Study
  • A social media post to DC VELOCITY’s market-leading audience of 70,000 followers
  • Inclusion in one of our “Now Trending On DCV-TV” e-newsletters

Price: $17,995*

*All pricing is NET

Contact your DC VELOCITY sales representative for more information.