E-Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

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DC VELOCITY’s new e-newsletter platform is specifically designed to drive engagement and position your company as a key player in the market. Each of our industry-leading e-newsletters offers the opportunity to promote your business and increase brand awareness through your sponsorship investment. Our e-newsletters are sent to over 58,000 opt-in subscribers and include:

DCV Insider
A first look at the stories that will appear in the upcoming issue of DC VELOCITY.
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Velocity Weekly
Our core weekly e-newsletters targeted to the logistics market. Along with the latest news and analysis, these e-newsletters include links to the latest blog posts and video clips on our website, DCVelocity.com.
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Velocity Target Report – Sole Sponsorship
DCV’s “Velocity Target Report” places a focus on best-read coverage on a timely key topic. Check our 2018 editorial calendar to see this year’s monthly subject lineup or pick a topic of your choice. As a sole sponsor, you can either populate all three ad positions or choose to include a single banner at the top of our award-winning content. You also get to choose the headline and subject line of the e-newsletter and include a link to your company website or a site of your choice.
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Price: $5,000

DC VELOCITY’s e-newsletters offer three “rectangle + sponsored content” positions that are the perfect way to promote white papers, research reports, case studies, company news, and any other content assets you’ve developed. Content marketing has emerged as a critical component of an overall marketing strategy, so we have created these positions as a way for you to promote thought leadership, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website.

Rectangle + Sponsored Content Specs:

  • Ad size: 300×250 pixels; 35k maximum; gif, jpg or png
  • Headline: 50 characters maximum, including spaces
  • Copy: 300 characters maximum, including spaces
  • Click-through URL

Price: $4,750 per*

Featured Content: Take advantage of our Industry Press Room upgrade & DCV-TV Featured Video upload opportunity to have your company news or video featured at DCVelocity.com and included in our weekly e-newsletter as “Featured Content.”
Price: $2,595*

*All pricing is NET.