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Real-time updates to keep supply chains moving and sales leads flowing

Supply Chain Quarterly’s e-newsletter platform is specifically designed to drive engagement and position your company as a key player in the market. Our industry-leading e-newsletters offer the opportunity to promote your business and increase brand awareness through your sponsorship investment.

Supply Chain Executive Insight

Supply Chain Executive Insight is a weekly electronic newsletter with over 26,000 subscribers, directly targeted to supply chain executives worldwide.

Supply Chain Quarterly PREVIEW

The CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly PREVIEW e-newsletter is transmitted the same day that the print issue of Supply Chain Quarterly is mailed. This companion e-newsletter gives our core audience of more than 26,000 subscribers a quick look at the new issue—and helps to promote your business and increase brand awareness through your banner sponsorship investment.


White Paper Promotion E-newsletter

Have a white paper you’d like to promote? We can helpSUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY is pleased to announce our newest e-newsletter, transmitting once monthly with the sole purpose of promoting white papers. With your sponsorship, your white paper will be prominently featured at the top position, and SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY will provide solid, actionable leads from every reader who clicked on your message. The white paper will also be permanently hosted on SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY’s website.

Supply Chain Executive Insight en español

Supply Chain Executive Insight en español transmits to a growing circulation base of over 11,000 Spanish-speaking supply chain professionals. Plans for circulation development include significant expansion of the e-newsletter’s targeted audience in Latin America.

Price: $4,500*

Ad Specs:

Rectangle + Sponsored Content

  • Ad size: 300×250 pixels; 35k maximum; gif, jpg, or png
  • Headline: 50 characters maximum, including spaces
  • Copy: 300 characters maximum, including spaces
  • Click-through URL

* All prices are NET

Materials should be submitted to Martha Spizziri, Martha@supplychainquarterly.com five business days prior to deployment.

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To view a sample of SCQ Preview, click here.

To view a sample of SCQ’s Executive Insights en español, click here.

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