Conference Offerings

Pre-Conference Reports

This information-packed e-newsletter transmits to Supply Chain Quarterly‘s subscriber base of supply chain executives worldwide, including key attendees. This will be a prime opportunity to get your company on the radar of these buyers of supply chain-related products and services long before they head out to the show floor and will help ensure that their itinerary will include a stop at your booth.

Ad Specs: Rectangle + Sponsored Content

  • Ad size: 300×250
  • Headline: 50 characters, including spaces
  • Content: 300 characters maximum, excluding spaces
  • URL

Price: $4,750.00

Note: See our planned 2018 pre-conference report schedule on our editorial calendar under Bonus Distribution.

Pre-Conference Dedicated Emails

The perfect opportunity to let our 22,000+ subscribers know what new and exciting things you’ll be up to at the upcoming event with your customized message. These dates sell out quickly, so schedule yours today!

Price: $5,775 (net)

The SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY Conference Daily Report

The digital SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY Conference Daily Report e-newsletter will bring readers insights and important news from the conference, including highlights of the previous day’s program.

Each day’s report will include:

  • A lead story reporting on the main-stage keynotes
  • Articles on conference educational sessions attended by our editors
  • A video report from our edit team members with their insights and commentary on the day’s events
  • Q&A video interviews with speakers, staff, and thought leaders attending the conference
  • Price:
    • Top banner: $4,500 (net)
    • Middle banner: $3,500 (net)
    • Bottom banner: $2,000 (net)

Video Opportunities: High-impact, easy, and cost effective!

Video Studio Sponsorship:

Our prominently located on-site studio is positioned in the highest attendee traffic area and always draws a crowd during our taping sessions. Your Video Studio Sponsorship includes:

  • Your company logo prominently displayed on the studio backdrop so as to be constantly visible during each video segment as well as to show attendees
  • Interview with up to two executives from your company
  • On-screen sponsorship messaging embedded in each video segment
  • Inclusion of the video segments in each day’s e-newsletter. Information on each recipient who views a video will be delivered to you as an actionable sales lead.
  • Posting of each video on SCQ’s online streaming video page

Bonus: Videos will also be hosted on DCV-TV, the market’s leading streaming video website.

Price: $20,000

Special Bonus Offer!

You can maximize your exposure, lead generation, and visibility by securing both the Video Studio Sponsorship and the sole sponsorship of each edition of the Conference Daily Report e-newsletter at a deep discount of $25,000.

Contact your SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY sales representative today to learn more about the exclusive sponsorship opportunities, all aimed at maximizing the return on your investment. And don’t forget to ask about special fully customized package deals.