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Supply Chain Quarterly‘s webcast program offers a multi-tiered webcast sponsorship menu with the following three packages:

Sponsor Packages Price*
Moderation and Promotion Package

  • Includes participation by a Supply Chain Quarterly editor as moderator or as a panelist
  • Includes e-mail promotion to Supply Chain Quarterly‘s audience (price varies according
    to frequency of promotional e-mails)
Traditional Package

  • Includes all of the benefits of the Moderation and Promotion Package, PLUS:
    • Supply Chain Quarterly provides the technology platform for delivery of the webcast as well as attendee registration information for use as well-qualified sales leads.
    • Select a topic of your own or pick one from our editorial calendar
Exclusive VIDEOCAST Package

  • In addition to the traditional slides-with-voiceover webcasts, Supply Chain Quarterly now offers on-demand videocasts that do not require registration but still generate leads and provide readers with instant access to information.

What do you receive with a Supply Chain Quarterly videocast package?

  • The services of a Supply Chain Quarterly special projects editor to help organize the presentation and to moderate the videocast
  • The value and credibility of the trusted CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly brand attached to your videocast
  • One full-page print ad in Supply Chain Quarterly to promote your videocast
  • Two dedicated e-mails to our audience, inviting them to attend the videocast
  • An on-demand videocast produced by professionals who not only understand the supply chain field but also how to produce quality videos and videocasts
  • A prominent link on the Supply Chain Quarterly home page for a minimum of two weeks, followed by a permanent presence on Supply Chain Quarterly‘s streaming video web page.

*All pricing is NET
For more information, contact your Supply Chain Quarterly sales representative.