DC VELOCITY‘s Solutions Center — A Virtual Showcase

Introducing the DC VELOCITY Solutions Center. Built on a state-of-the-art digital platform, the DC VELOCITY Solutions Center promises to emerge as the go-to resource for buyers of logistics and supply chain products, services, and solutions.

Getting listed in the DCV Solutions Center is easy, only takes a few minutes to do, and is FREE! Once your listing is established, you can edit and update it as frequently as you wish. Organized with a logical, intuitive structure, the DCV Solutions Center allows buyers to search by company, product or service, or category (i.e., Motor Freight, Software, Lift Trucks, etc.).

Your free listing can be augmented in several ways. Our Enhanced Listings include several elements that will drive visibility and engagement, including options like expanded branding and lead generation.

Your DCV Solution Center Options:

Free Basic Listings:

  • Company name and contact name, including email
  • Company URL
  • Description of company and its products and/or services
  • Listing will appear in up to four Product & Service Content Categories—based on your selections

Premium Listings:
All elements of Free Basic Listing, plus:

  • Company logo
  • Option to upload content assets
  • Videos, slideshows, downloadable PDFs, and much more
  • Listing will appear in up to eight Product & Service Content Categories—based on your selections

Price: $1,995* annually

Add a sponsorship of two e-newsletters per year featuring articles aligned with the Content Categories you select to the premium listing.
Price: $6,995* annually (premium listing + e-newsletter sponsorships)

Contact National Account Executive Halley LoBello (Halley@DCVelocity.com) for all of the exciting details and to learn about additional opportunities to come!

*All pricing is NET.