DC Velocity just saved one of our sponsors $50K (and we can do the same for you!)

Did you know that DC Velocity has saved companies over $50,000 on the printing and distribution of their catalogs and other print content? We can do it for you as well.

Whether you have a 180-page magazine or catalog, a four-page sales brochure, or another type of marketing piece that you want to print and mail, DCV can help! By polybagging your printed mail piece with DC Velocity, you get the following benefits:

  • Save money! By using our periodical rate and our special printer bulk rates, you can save big money on postage and printing. The savings could shock you!
  • Extend your reach. In addition to saving money, you can extend your reach to a powerful audience of logistics decision-makers.
  • Added bonus: We will also include your printed and mailed piece with our digital edition of DC Velocity.

Allow us to give you a quote on printing and mailing your next printed mail piece. For more information, contact your DC Velocity sales representative.