CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly

The Supply Chain Quarterly mission

Supply Chain Quarterly captures the reader with content.

Total reach

CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly provides the highest-value, must-have business intelligence available. With meaningful, timely content, Supply Chain Quarterly commands the attention of an audience that truly reflects the global nature of today’s supply chains, reaching executives in all 50 U.S. states, 74 countries, and six continents.

CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly offers a unique, proven channel to unite sellers with buyers of supply chain products and services, including CEOs, vice presidents, and directors and managers involved in shipping, wholesale, consulting, 3PL, retail, and manufacturing operations. Staff-written stories and contributed articles from leading practitioners, academics, and consultants provide unparalleled thought leadership on international and domestic supply chain operations.

Six times a year, the publication delivers fresh, cutting-edge ideas on all aspects of the global supply chain, from product design, procurement, transportation, and warehousing to human resources, information technology, and finance. With our continuous investment in keeping our lists fresh and clean, we provide authentic, unmatched reach through the magazine and its associated digital content offerings, providing insight and advice to help readers make their supply chain operations a success.

By leveraging our strengths you can build your Brand, deliver your Content, generate valuable Leads, and reap the Results.