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Never before have we experienced change like we did in 2020. Consumer demand ushered in changes that have been reshaping our industry at a lightning pace. Then Covid-19 entered the picture, adding uncertainty in almost every aspect of our lives and driving monumental modifications in business processes. But even in the midst of this uncertainty, there are still some fundamental business principles that apply.

Today, marketing success is still built on four distinct pillars: Brand, Content, Leads, and Results. At DC VELOCITY, we have carefully designed our advertising, sponsorship, and marketing opportunities around these four elements.

Within this framework, we will help you establish and raise brand awareness, leverage your content to promote your company’s thought leadership and subject-matter expertise, and use that branding and content to generate solid, actionable leads—all leading to measurable results that will confirm your success.

We provide unmatched reach to DC and warehouse operations managers as well as to supply chain and transportation logistics decision-makers. Our audience profile features a large concentration of high-value buyers of logistics-related products and services, including third-party logistics service providers, as well as small to mid-range companies and startups, who wield significant spending power.

Marketing to our exclusive database of targeted decision-makers is a great start for any marketing campaign; however, in the busy world we live and work in, it’s critical to keep the attention of that audience, too. By offering thought-provoking news and analysis, we not only attract but also hold the interest of today’s logistics professionals better than any other media brand in the market.

The volume of business information available to today’s logistics executives can be overwhelming. That’s why earning their trust as the market’s most reliable and useful source of information is critical to a media brand’s success.

As always, DC VELOCITY leads the market in offering “The Solutions You Want and the Results You Need.”

Our editorial mission is a key differentiator for DC VELOCITY. As silos within the logistics industry disappear and organizations adopt a unified approach to managing transportation and material handling operations, DC VELOCITY‘s comprehensive approach to covering the U.S. logistics market aligns with this shift in supply chain management. Our approach earns lasting audience loyalty by delivering all the information they need in a direct, superb resource for logistics business intelligence.

When you think logistics, think DC VELOCITY.

We look forward to building a successful partnership in 2021.
“In 2020, we invested heavily in Covid-19–driven editorial, database-cleansing, and new-subscriber initiatives to help us navigate the ever-changing employment situation brought on by the pandemic. We are pleased that this effort ensures the very best audience in the market today.”
Gary Master, COO, AGiLE Business Media