AGiLE Business Media & Events and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Announce New Direction for CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly Magazine

The cover of Supply Chain Xchange magazine. The main headline is: Are YOU the reason there's a truck driver shortage?

AGiLE Business Media & Events (AGiLE) and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) announce a new direction to redefine CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly magazine. CSCMP and AGiLE, the publisher of the publication, partnered to reimagine the Quarterly to better serve and engage its loyal readership in the end-to-end supply chain industry. The rebranded publication will now publish six times a year, kicking off its January/February print and digital issue on January 1, 2024.

The restyled publication, newly named Supply Chain Xchange, will have a fresh, contemporary look that captivates readers ─ a diverse audience of industry professionals and decision-makers. Advertisers will continue to reach a broad, engaged audience eager to stay current on the latest trends and innovations in supply chain management.

AGiLE Business Media & Events CEO Gary Master shared his enthusiasm for the rebrand, “In our quest to redefine CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly, we embarked on a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of a conventional magazine. Our purpose is nothing short of making the world a better place, one supply chain at a time.”

The publication’s commitment remains unwavering: to curate thought-leading content in collaboration with industry experts from around the globe. “We envision Supply Chain Xchange as a leading source of supply chain strategy and innovation-based information while also creating an interactive platform for supply chain leaders to exchange insights, build networks, and embark on a continuous learning journey,” said CSCMP President and CEO Mark Baxa.

Founder of CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly, Mitch MacDonald, noted, “As the role and prominence of supply chain professionals have changed and expanded over the past 15 years, so too has our brand. As the official publication of CSCMP, Supply Chain Xchange and the award-winning team behind it are reflections of that change and expansion. What remains unchanged is the ongoing commitment to provide our readers with the highest-value, actionable content in the market.”

The new look expands a host of opportunities for CSCMP and the publication. In addition to six issues of Supply Chain Xchange, the publication will introduce a daily stream of fresh content through the rebranded website, webcasts, events, podcasts, local gatherings, and ask-the-expert panels on the move. More than just a publication; this is a new horizon that aims to be a true gathering place where we’ll learn from each other, whether it’s through the printed page, social media, digital platforms, or in person.