DC Velocity’s 2020 Media File – Brand, Content, Leads, Results

Your roadmap to marketing success in 2020 has arrived. Welcome to DC Velocity’s 2020 Media File. You are now just one click away from all the details on the highest-value marketing opportunities you’ll find in the logistics field.

As the challenges of developing effective marketing strategies and tactics continue to build in the digital age, there are some fundamentals that still hold true—and also offer clarity and simplicity amid all that is changing.

Marketing success today is built on four distinct pillars – Brand, Content, Leads, and Results. Leveraging the potential of these pillars is your path to success.

At DC Velocity, we have established the leading media brand in the logistics space and have carefully crafted advertising, sponsorship, and marketing opportunities that will provide you with a path to success in each of these four ways.

We will help you establish and raise brand awareness, leverage your content to establish clear thought leadership and subject-matter expertise for your company, and then use that branding and content to generate solid, actionable leads—all leading to measurable results that will confirm your success.

DC Velocity reaches over 300,000 logistics professionals per month via our print publication and digital platforms (e-newsletters, DCV-TV, our digital edition, emails, social media, and mobile apps).

We provide an unmatched circulation mix that includes both DC and warehouse operations managers and supply chain and transportation logistics decision-makers. Our audience profile features a large concentration of high-value buyers of logistics-related products and services, including third-party logistics service providers, who wield significant spending power. Through the crisp, informative writing and eye-catching graphics that have become our hallmark, we attract and hold the interest of today’s logistics professionals better than any other media brand in the market.

In doing so, we offer you the highest-value channels to the highest-value audience in the logistics field. By leveraging our strengths, you can build your Brand, deliver your Content, generate valuable Leads, and reap the Results.

You will find all of the information you need here in our 2020 Media File. We also invite you to contact your DC Velocity sales representative at any time for advice on how to best use our products and services to ensure that in 2020, you get “The Solutions You Want and the Results You Need.”