The Supply Chain Quarterly advantage

What makes CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly stand out from the rest of the pack?


The global nature of our readers’ operations requires that genuine supply chain publications have a deep, diverse international audience. With 14% of its circulation outside the United States and Canada, Supply Chain Quarterly offers true global reach—not limited to North America like many other media brands

Why SCQ?

The Supply Chain Quarterly reader:

  • Oversees/controls an average of $58 million annually
  • Will spend an average of $2.1 million on IT and $2.6 million on transportation in the next 12 months
  • Influences the purchases of multiple products and service areas
  • Has an average company revenue of $1.7 billion
  • Manages an average of 70 employees
    • 73% are director level and above
    • Active decision makers
    • Relies on trade pubs & vendors for info
    • 3 out of 4 SCQ readers are loyal readers – cover to cover, and pass on to at least 2 other people
  • More than two-thirds of our readers will spend more than $1.75 million on transportation services.
  • Has an average age of 46 years

TOTAL REACH: 168,000

Supply Chain  58,000
Mobile Apps:  27,000
Dedicated Emails:  20,000
E-newsletters:  26,000
Print:  18,000
Twitter:  13,000
Facebook: 6,000



Audience Breakdown:












International Membership by Region:

Europe: 38.9%
South America: 23.5%
Asia: 12.5%
Canada: 9.6%
Central America: 7.5%
Africa: 3.6%
Australia/New Zealand: 2.7%
Middle East: 1.7%

As our demographic breakdown shows, there is simply no audience in the supply chain industry as powerful as the members of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and there is no other media brand that guarantees your marketing message will reach this entire target audience.

Industry (Manufacturing and Merchandising Firms Only)

Food & Beverage: 23.8%
Retail: 13.0%
CPG: 12.3%
Pharmaceuticals: 12.2%
Chemicals & Plastics: 10.1%
Electronics & Related: 9.2%
Auto & Transport: 5.5%
Apparel/Textiles: 4.6%
Building Materials: 3.0%
Military: 2.0%
Aviation/Airline: 1.6%
Appliances: 1.4%
Hardware: 0.7%
Machine Tools: 0.7%