Start an instant conversation with your target audience

Webcasts are considered by many to be one of the most valuable assets to include in a content marketing program. In addition to enhancing brand awareness and generating high-quality leads, they are among the best ways to engage audiences and gain viewership.

  • The services of a SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY special projects editor to help you organize the presentation and moderate the webcast
  • The value and credibility of the trusted SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY brand attached to your webcast
  • Two dedicated emails to our audience, inviting them to attend the webcast
  • One full-page print ad in SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY to promote your webcast
  • An on-demand webcast produced by professionals who not only understand the supply chain field but also how to produce quality videos and webcasts
  • A prominent link on SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY‘s home page for a minimum of two weeks, with a permanent presence on DCV-TV Channel 3, our streaming-video channel
  • Social media post to our market-leading audience

Why webcasts continue to increase in popularity

  • Cost-effective
  • Drive audience interactivity via live Q&As and discussions
  • Strengthen and extend brand awareness
  • Generate solid leads via registration
  • Convenience of on-demand viewing

Price: $12,500*

*All pricing is NET