Social Media Sponsorship

Open up a direct line of communication with your customers and prospects via social media channels – and watch your content expand its reach.

Our Sponsored Social Media program is intended for those marketers with content assets (white papers, case studies, research reports, and so forth) that they want to share with SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY‘s followers. Or perhaps you have a simple message you’d like to share with the market or content on your website to which you’d like to draw attention. Whatever your objective, we are here to help. With a combined Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn audience of supply chain decision-makers, we can put your message in front of the professionals you want to reach.


Send us a 240-character (max.) message, including an embedded URL to the site of your choice, and we will post it into our social media stream.

Character counts include spaces, punctuation, and links.

PRICE: $1,595*

*All pricing is NET

Materials should be submitted to Martha Spizziri,