White Papers

SUPPLY CHAIN QUARTERLY offers a dedicated email and hosting service to help you promote your white paper. This is the perfect way to let our audience of logistics and supply chain decision-makers know about your company’s products and ideas, and, most importantly, how THEY can benefit from them. In addition to the dedicated email to our list of 18,000 subscribers and hosting of your white paper on supplychainquarterly.com, we will provide a report containing full contact information of all recipients who clicked through to your message.

Price: $5,775* (sponsor-submitted)



  • Subject line
  • White paper title
  • White paper description (1,750 characters max.)
  • White paper cover image (min. width 300px)
  • Landing page or download URL*
  • Company logo and URL

*The white paper email promotion will link to a landing page on your site if you are using a registration form, or directly to the PDF file if you are not using a registration form.

Don’t have a white paper created already? No worries! AGiLE Content Services is available to research, write, design and promote your white paper by our team of award-winning journalists and editors.

Approximate cost to produce a 4–6-page white paper: $4,950.00. Prices will vary depending on length of project.

*All pricing is NET

Materials should be sent to Martha Spizziri at Martha@supplychainquarterly.com at least five business days prior to deployment date.

To view a sample of a white paper, click here.

Contact your Supply Chain Quarterly sales representative for more information.