Supply Chain Short Takes

Agile Business Media & Events has launched a new offering that could be the perfect way to help you unveil a new product, introduce a new service, or position your company as a trustworthy subject matter expert. Step up to the mic and make your point in a friendly, conversational dialog we call Supply Chain Short Takes.

It’s a fast-paced, one-on-one video interview with one of our expert supply chain industry editors and the company representative of your choice.

Short, sweet, personable, and relevant, Supply Chain Short Takes gets your message on the radar of the logistics and supply chain experts who subscribe to SUPPLY CHAIN XCHANGE. With this package, you will receive:

  • A three- to five-minute recorded interview with a member of our outstanding editorial team. This can be a video or a podcast.
  • The interview will be permanently hosted on
  • A video thumbnail or link to the podcast will be featured in the very popular
    Executive Insight e-newsletter, including a link to the interview and lead capture

Don’t miss this opportunity to highlight your company’s true thought leadership to our audience of high-level decision-makers.

Price: $5,000*

Contact your sales representative for more information.

*All pricing is NET.