What makes SUPPLY CHAIN XCHANGE stand out from the rest of the pack?

SUPPLY CHAIN XCHANGE provides unparalleled thought leadership in all aspects of international and domestic supply chain operations. It offers an exceptional editorial lineup with targeted, credible content to grab and hold the attention of key decision-makers.

Global Reach

The global nature of our readers’ operations requires that genuine supply chain publications have a deep, diverse international audience. With a 14% international circulation, SUPPLY CHAIN XCHANGE offers true global reach, which separates it from many other media brands.

Reach the Complete CSCMP Membership

As our demographic breakdown shows, there is simply no audience in the supply chain industry as powerful as the members of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). Let us help you get your marketing message out to their entire audience.

International Membership by Region:

Canada: 9.6%
Central America: 7.5%
South America: 23.5%
Europe: 38.9%
Africa: 3.6%
Middle East: 1.7%
Australia/New Zealand: 2.7%
Asia: 12.5%

Total reach