MODEX 2024 – DC VELOCITY’s Last-Mile Theater

MODEX 2024

DC VELOCITY, in partnership with MHI, is excited to present the DC VELOCITY Last-Mile Theater at MODEX 2024. The theater presentations aim to educate and inform company executives, managers, employees, and partners about the strategies, technologies, and best practices employed in last-mile delivery. Presentations may cover topics such as route optimization, efficient vehicle utilization, real-time tracking and visibility, customer experience management, and sustainable delivery options. They may also discuss emerging trends, such as the use of autonomous vehicles, drones, and smart delivery lockers.

Through these ongoing, daily educational sessions, companies will create awareness, foster collaboration, and inspire innovation to achieve optimal last-mile delivery performance, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the following available opportunities:

  • An invite to participate in a last-mile Q&A that will be featured in a special supplement to the February issue of DC VELOCITY (our official MODEX show issue). The article will feature responses received directly from you and other participating companies. The discussion will focus on new practices and technologies, and will be a “must-read” for those considering how to adapt their operations to an era of perpetual change.
    • The content will also appear in the digital edition and our mobile app.
  • DC VELOCITY‘s last-mile delivery-focused education sessions
    • Offered to exhibitors only (12 available slots).
    • Each session is 45 minutes in total, with a 30-minute presentation and 15 minutes of live Q&A)
  • Recording of the session and the repurposing of the video as an on-demand webcast. Webcast promotion includes
    • Two social media posts
    • A dedicated email*
    • Video will be included in our “Now Trending on DCV-TV” e-newsletter*
    • Video will be hosted on
    • Full-page print ad in the February issue of DC VELOCITY magazine*

Price: $12,000* for the session and promotion package

Receive branding, lead generation, and the ability to shape future decision-making through these special
offers. We anticipate the sessions will sell out, so lock yours in today!

Contact your DC VELOCITY representative today to customize the package that best suits your needs!

Pricing deadline: 50% deposit due December 15, 2023, with the balance due March 15, 2024

*All pricing is NET.