Digital Ad Specs

Website Ads

Ad Type Ad Dimensions File Size File Formats Animation 3rd Party Notes
Leaderboard 728 x 90 px 100 KB GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 30 seconds max including loops Yes Assets for HTML5 ads should be supplied in a ZIP file
Rectangle 300 x 250 px 100 KB GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 30 seconds max including loops Yes Assets for HTML5 ads should be supplied in a ZIP file

E-Newsletter Ads

Ad Type Ad Dimensions Content File Size File Formats Animation 3rd Party Notes
Medium Rectangle +
Sponsored Content
300 x 250 px Headline:
50 characters maximum
300 characters maximum
45 KB GIF, JPG, PNG No Click-through URL only; 3rd party image hosting is not supported Rich media not accepted

Dedicated Emails

DC Velocity can deliver your custom, dedicated e-newsletter to our readers. We send both HTML and text versions of e-newsletters to our subscribers.

Ad Type Ad Dimensions File Size File Formats Notes Email Best Practices
Dedicated E-Blasts Recommended width: 600 px Max HTML file size 100 KB BOTH VERSIONS REQUIRED
1 HTML file, 1 plain text file for each campaign (sample text file)
– Material must be delivered as an HTML file attachment or link to a webpage and not embedded in the body of an email message.
– Subject line should be supplied with creative
– Images should be hosted by advertiser or supplied in an accompanying folder and linked via the HTML file
– Rich media and javascript not accepted
View sample dedicated sponsor e-newsletter
– Email width should be about 600-700 px
– Use table-based layout
– Avoid background images
– Avoid Javascript and Flash
– Test layout in different email clients using a service such as Litmus or Email on Acid
– Include text-only version
Guide to CSS support in major email clients

White Paper Program

DC Velocity offers a Dedicated White Paper Email and Hosting Service to help you promote your company’s thought leadership in the logistics field.


  • Subject line
  • White paper title
  • White paper description (1,750 characters max.)
  • White paper cover image (min. width 300 px)
  • Landing page or download URL*
  • Company logo and URL

The white paper email promo will link to a landing page on your site if you’re using a registration form, or directly to the PDF file if you are not using a registration form

HTML & Layout Services

For those sponsors with limited resources for developing electronic ad material within the required technical specifications, AGiLE Business Media (DC VELOCITY) offers layout and development services at a flat rate of $150. These charges will be added to the invoice for your sponsorship. To avoid these charges, all sponsors are urged to pay close attention to our e-product material specs and follow them whenever possible.

NOTE: All dimensions are in pixels.

E-newsletter and dedicated email materials should be submitted to Martha Spizziri at five business days prior to deployment.

Social Media

Send us:

  1. A 240-character (max.) message, including an embedded URL to the site of your choice, and we will post it into our social media stream.
  2. A 1200×630 jpg, gif or png

Character counts include spaces, punctuation, and links.

Please note:

  • Twitter does not allow posts related to health to be boosted as paid ads, so please avoid mentioning “Covid” or “coronavirus” in your message.
  • Facebook will not allow advertising links to PDFs, JPEGs, or web pages that automatically download files. If you would like to offer a PDF, image, or other download, we recommend that you create an HTML landing page from which customers can download the file. Learn more about Facebook’s landing-page policies.

If you want to include images in your post, click here for additional information

If you want to include videos in your post, click here for information.