Poly-Bags and Belly Bands With DCV


Whether you have a 200-page magazine, a four-page sales brochure, or another type of marketing piece that you want to print and mail, DCV can help!

By poly-bagging your printed mail piece with DC VELOCITY, you get the following benefits:

  • Save money! By using our periodical rate and our special bulk printing rates, you can save big money on postage and printing. For example, we recently printed and mailed a 168-page piece for less than $2 a copy!
  • Extend your reach. In addition to saving money, you can extend your reach to a powerful audience of logistics decision-makers.
  • Added bonus: We will also include your printed and mailed piece with our digital edition of DC VELOCITY.

Do you have a directory you’d like us to produce, print, and mail out to our entire subscriber list via poly-bag (and also distribute digitally), for a fraction of the standard cost? We can do that too! Check out the IWLA Directory we mailed with our June 2023 issue.


Gain immediate attention with a belly band! A belly band is a highly effective way to get your marketing message across to our readers. It’s the first thing our subscribers will see upon delivery of their copy of DC VELOCITY. And, because readers need to remove it in order to see the contents of the magazine, you can be assured they will notice your ad!

You have the option of banding a full run, or you can choose to only band show copies at any of the events listed under “Bonus Distribution” on our editorial calendar.