Dedicated Video Promotion

Videos are both efficient and effective, and have a great ROI! Our promotion of your video will provide e-branding as well as lead generation. Here’s what you will get:

  • A dedicated email featuring your video
  • A social media post sent out to our market-leading audience
  • Inclusion of your video in our popular “Now Trending on DCV TV” e-newsletter
  • Permanently hosting of the video on DC VELOCITY‘s website
  • You will receive a report containing full contact information for all who have clicked through to your video

Price: $6,500*


  • Title – 200 characters
  • Description – 6,000 characters
  • Video File (Accepted file types: mp4, WebM, ogv; max 2GB)
  • Video Thumbnail (Accepted file types: gif, jpg, png, jpeg; max 2MB)