“Logistics Matters” Podcast Package

Each episode of “Logistics Matters” will feature DC VELOCITY editorial team members discussing top stories for the week, developing trends, and updates on timely topics. Specifically developed with the edginess that has been a hallmark of DC VELOCITY since its launch, our podcasts are quick-hitting, fun, and informative. The podcast will be sometimes conversational, sometimes personal stories, and sometimes just the news itself.

The sole sponsor receives an audio pre-roll and post-roll callout during each episode. We have found that a 15-second host-read message is a lot more likely to cause listeners to take action within a podcast. Our host-read messages aren’t breaks in the show’s content — they are a part of it.

With over 6,000 downloads currently, the numbers are climbing daily.

Don’t miss out on one of the hottest podcasts in the industry—Logistics Matters has been ranked in the top ten of supply chain podcasts globally.

The following is included with your sponsorship:

  • Social media posts
  • Dedicated emails
  • E-newsletter banner in “Velocity Weekly” and “Now Trending on DCV-TV”
  • Print ad promoting the podcast sponsorship
  • Website banners
  • We will provide reports with full contact information for all those who clicked on the dedicated emails and e-newsletters.

Price: $5,995 per month*

*All pricing is NET.