New for 2020!
AGiLE Business Media’s webcast offering just got better!

While webcasts remain a popular and sometimes powerful way to engage with your key customers and prospects, they continue to evolve. As a result, it is more challenging than ever to drive meaningful results and yield a measureable value.

In response to this changing dynamic, AGiLE Business Media has developed a new approach to webcasts that can make them among the most valuable assets in a content marketing program.

With our new, enhanced webcast offering, not only do sponsors receive the customary lists of webcast registrations, attendees of the live event, and on-demand version views, but you also receive full reporting on all marketing efforts of the campaign. This enhances your webcast investment significantly, even if attendance at the “live” event falls below expectations. Our webcasts increase branding and visibility of your company’s offering across all of the digital platforms that we offer. In addition to enhancing awareness and generating high-quality leads, they are among the best ways to engage audiences and gain viewership.

Here are a few additional reasons why you should consider webcasts:

  • They are a cost-effective way to extend your company’s reach through virtual access, eliminating high travel costs to attend live events.
  • They are a great tool for driving audience interactivity via live Q&As and discussions.
  • They strengthen and extend brand awareness.
  • They generate solid, actionable leads.
  • They offer the convenience of on-demand viewing.

DC VELOCITY will handle all aspects of the webcast production, so you can focus on what’s most important—your message. With the purchase of a webcast, you will receive:

  • The services of one of our DC VELOCITY editors, an expert to help you organize the presentation content and moderate the live webcast
  • A dedicated webcast producer to handle the technical aspects of creating a quality webcast
  • The ability to incorporate into your presentation pre-produced video segments, live video of presenters, and polling questions to further enhance viewer engagement
  • The value and credibility of the trusted DC VELOCITY brand attached to your webcast
  • Two dedicated emails to our audience, inviting them to attend the webcast
  • One full-page print ad in DC VELOCITY to promote your webcast
  • An on-demand webcast produced by professionals who not only understand the logistics field but also how to produce quality videos and webcasts
  • A prominent link on DC VELOCITY‘s home page for a minimum of two weeks, with a permanent presence on DCV-TV Channel 3, our streaming-video channel
  • Social media post to our market-leading audience
  • NEW – A comprehensive report containing full contact information for all those who clicked on the promotional and on-demand emails. This is in addition to the registrants’ contact information that is provided after the live event.

Price: $12,500*

Have a completed webcast that you’re looking to promote? We can do that for you with our Webcast Promotion Package! We’ll send your webcast out to our audience of 40,000 subscribers via dedicated email on two separate occasions, approximately one week apart, along with a social media post to our 60,000 followers. We’ll also include a prominent link on our website for two weeks.

Price: $6,000*

*All pricing is NET

Contact your DC VELOCITY sales representative for more information.