Velocity Lead Gen 2.0

Our new lead-generation system is a sophisticated software platform that allows us to provide actionable sales leads from e-mail efforts, website ads, social media campaigns, print ads in digital desktop and mobile app editions, and much more.

Our Velocity Lead Gen 2.0 product is an integrated marketing program for case studies and white papers. With your investment, you receive:

  1. A full-page, 500-word case study or white paper in both DC VELOCITY print and digital editions with a template we provide, allowing you to design the white paper/case study.
  2. Posted white paper or case study at
  3. Dedicated e-mail of your content to our entire digital audience with leads provided for each subscriber who engages with your content.
  4. Two social media posts to our Google+, Facebook and Twitter audiences.


  • Twitter specs: 110 characters max with an additional 15 characters available for the URL.
  • Print specs: High-res, CMYK-only PDF that fits within 7.25″ wide x 8.75″ high. Materials are due five business days before deployment.


  • Standard pricing is $9,995 complete or $7,500 excluding the full-page ad.

*All pricing is NET.